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of a bay area millionaire. the "san francisco chronicle" is reporting that it could be connected to a notorious east oakland gang. the paper says that recover very kumra was killed -- ravi kumra was killed not long after a prostitute revealed details about his mansion to members of "the money team" one of the gangs oakland police blame for a recent spike in violent crime. at least two of the three accused killers are believed to have ties to that gang. >>> we also learned today a san jose mother's frightening story of a kidnapping attempt was made up. police sprang into action tuesday after a man reported a man tried to grab her 2-year- old daughter out of her arms. police canvassed her neighborhood even released a sketch of a suspect. today the mother came clean and admitted she made it up. police are not saying why she did that. but she could face charges. >>> they say that they are living and they are fed up with living in these deplorable conditions so today some tenants tried to turn the tables on their landlord. they say he has ignored the
san francisco's mission district. a witness shot these images yesterday. they show officers with guns drawn approaching the scene near 21st and south van ness. the man they were after had just crashed after police tried to pull him over in connection with a nearby shooting. they say he ran a red light and broadsided for car pushing it into a pedestrian. the pedestrian and the woman in the car were both killed. the suspect a known gang member 19-year-old david morales, has been charged with two counts of murder and faces attempted murder and firearms charges for the shooting incident. >>> new information is coming out about the killing of a wealthy businessman in monte sereno. it could suggest a motive into the brutal home invasion murder. as cbs 5 reporter mark sayre tells us more suspects could be arrested. >>> reporter: this is a case that still has more questions than answers as yet another suspect appears in court today. and court documents raise some questions about the victim's lifestyle. >>> reporter: 21-year-old javier garcia appeared in santa clara county superior c
miles from downtown dallas. this new stadium more than 40 miles from downtown san francisco. so how in the world do you get here on public transportation? >>> reporter: it may not look like much but the vta light rail station is closest to the new stadium. just imagine what it will look like after 68,000 people spill out after a game and another nearby station which serves nearby amtrak and ace train, riders can already feel the chaos. what's it going to mean for a little train station like this? >> oh, too small. >> reporter: but if you are coming to the new stadium from points north, these stations could be in your future. caltrain takes about 45 minutes from downtown san francisco to mountain view and that's where you'll have to transfer to a vta light rail for another 20- minute ride. >> it's mountain view to elmont. >> reporter: vta planners are working to speed up the journey as part of a larger improvement project. >> we're looking the express service that goes directly from the caltrain station in mountain view to the stadium. >> reporter:
to win that game. >>> as the san francisco 49ers look to play their final season in candle stick park, their new stadium is looking to become the center of the bay area sports june verse. >> the story of how that came to be starts with letter written 10 years ago on a behalf of a city that dares to dream big. len ramirez has more. len. >> the bars on broadway will always be full of the 49ers faith 68. but if the red and bold win their sixth super bowl the lombardy trophy will come home. >> it is a new age now. brand new in santa clara. >> santa clara is the 49ers future in everything except the name and a possible victory parade. >> we will let the police take care of it and we will have a beer with them. >> that is quite all right with the former santa clara councilman. it was moore who wrote the letter dr. john york inviting him to consider santa clara as the new 49ers stadium. >> you and i were standening out there when you asked me the question do i think it is going to be bit. now i can answer that question. i think it will be built. >> prev
fists clenched. he was then cited for violating airport rules and not allowed to fly. >>> san francisco 49ers place kicker david akers says he has been getting death threats on twitter. acres says the threats were posted last week. he reported them to the team. and nfl security personnel. he is in a slump making 29 of 42 field goal attempts. >>> we are learning more about the murder of a silicon valley millionaire at his monte sereno mansion. thousands of pages of court documents detail some of what went on that night. but as cbs 5 reporter mark sayre tells us they also reveal a lot about the victim and his past. >>> reporter: 21-year-old deangelo austin appeared in santa clara county superior court this afternoon the fourth and final suspect to be arraigned in this case so far. austin along with javier garcia and lucas anderson are all charged with six felonies including murder and robbery in the death of ravi kumra. while no decision is made about the death penalty, the circumstances of the crime would allow for that option. the world series hasn't ended yet but let's say we are doing
than these numbers. san francisco flirting with 32 degrees before the end of the week. details on how warm we'll get in the afternoon, or not, that's coming up in a few minutes. >>> thank you. a familiar flash between wildlife and the urban world. the bay area neighborhood that has the coyote problem. >> nobody came, nobody bothered to call me. >> every homeowner's pet peeve. waiting for the workman that never shows. how you can make them pay for your inconvenience. >> those sweet drinks even the diet ones come with a cost. it's more than calories. how you could be risking your mental health with every sip. sighted in residential neighborhoods... ken bastida >>> it's not something you usually hear about in urban areas. coyotes sighted in residential neighborhoods. ken bastida is with mobile5 in san francisco's twin peaks area, where people are seeing plenty. hey, ken. >> reporter: yeah, hi, elizabeth. yeah, twin peaks, glen park, mount sutro, golden gate park, coyotes. they have been spotted all over san francisco. and it's is it not as un
east bay cities are up in the 9% range with san francisco and san jose among the lowest. >> the general consensus is a quarter percent is not going to make a big difference. >> reporter: to show how tricky it is, steve's tire store is on the el cerrito-richmond border. one step can be quite taxing. >> sales taxes here tomorrow 9.5%. sales tax right here tomorrow, 9%. >> reporter: so we're live here at safeway at the del norte bart station. it's mobbed. i'm not sure people are trying to save an extra penny every four dollars. it's new year's eve. but they are getting cheaper goods today and this tax will continue for the next four years. live in el cerrito, mike sugerman, cbs 5. >> thank you. >>> some people will have more money to spend come new year's. san francisco's minimum wage will be increased to $10.55 an hour. and that makes it the highest in the u.s. >>> a not guilty plea from a woman accused of killing a pedestrian at san francisco overlook. 23-year-old gina eunice appeared in court today on charges of vehicular manslaughter, dui and hit-and- run. police say her blood alcohol
. >>> a dog on death row for biting a police horse in san francisco just got a reprieve. charlie was ordered to be put down for the augusta tack at crissy field but his owner has been fighting to save charlie's life. today we learned some sort of deal was worked out in federal court and charlie will live. >>> and the family of a teen murdered in marin says that he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. 17-year-old williams was shot early this morning in marin city. his family said that he was visiting from the town of weed in northern california and had only been in the bay area for a week. lavanian williams was possibly targeted by mistake. >>> today we are learning more about the teacher who was able to disarm a teen gunman who shot a classmate. it happened yesterday at taft high school southwest of bakersfield. one student was hurt. cbs 5 reporter bigad shaban with what may have motivated the shooter. >>> reporter: ryan heber is being called a hero. he and a school counselor disarmed a student carrying a .12-gauge shotgun. 28 stu
suhr will be patrolling the streets that day, as well. live here in san francisco, i'm da lin, cbs 5. >> that's the future. >>> today was ticket pickup day for the lucky 49er fans going to the super bowl. the winners were chosen at random from the team's season ticketholders. they had to pay $1,700 for a pair of tickets. one fan says despite the cost it's a priceless experience. >> i am jacked up trying to figure out all week whether to sell or keep them but all my friends are telling me i have to go, it's a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity. i'm going. i don't care about the money. i'm a 9er fan, i'm going. >> you got go, you got to go. those who say they are going are getting there any way they can, some driving, some flying into neighboring states and driving to new orleans. >>> 49ers head coach jim harbaugh is getting his players ready for the trip. the team flies sunday. he says the players should savor the experience. >> i want them to enjoy it. i want them to enjoy every minute and especially enjoy the competition. that's the most exciting t
-ditch efforts by city leader. >>> the san francisco 49ers holding their first practice to get ready for the super bowl today. it is the first time workout since winning the nfc championship last sunday by beating the falcons. a lot of distractions, too. you have family coming in, requests for tickets and so on. 9ers are set to fly to new orleans on sunday. once they arrive, the players and coaches will be on a tight schedule including media interviews and other distractions. dennis o'donnell joins me now. the 9ers have a lot to do. there's a lot that goes into the two weeks preparations. >> i call them the three ds. don't get hurt, don't get into any trouble off the field, and don't give the baltimore ravens any bulletin board material. practice like you're playing in the super bowl. any player will tell you that if you practice great, you're going to play great. and that is what jim harbaugh is preaching. i'm guessing the 49ers are doing that exact same thing. now, the 49ers don't have just a -- have just a handful of players with super bowl exp
universe and san francisco city leaders are looking at taking full advantage of that. cbs 5 political insider phil angelides at insider phil matier reports. >> reporter: first we had to get the bet out of the way. here's the mayor and we'll take it from there. >> we haven't gotten all the details. but mayor of baltimore is a real bright lady. i really like her. stephanie rawlings blake. and we know we both have crab. she has the blue crab and i have the dungeness crab here so we already have part of the bet. the loser has to fly to the winning city put on the bib and go down to their favorite place and crack the crab in front of all the cameras. >> reporter: while the super bowl is getting all the attention, for mayor lee it's just the start. >> it is i think going to be a great kickoff but i still think there's more to come. >> reporter: it could be one of the biggest sport years in the city's history leading off with the baseball world classic at at&t park. >> that's just right on the heels of winning the world series. and then before your head
flights and a third on friday is in jeopardy. >> we flew into san francisco. we had a choice between los angeles and san francisco. >> reporter: the silicon valley ceo was with a business delegation scheduled on one of those canceled san jose flights. his group was rerouted and came home on a different plane but he praised anas decision. >> this is a company that put passengers ahead of profits and made a wise decision to make sure that boeing works out these kinks before they put another plane up in the air. >> reporter: the nonstop tokyo flight kicked off with fanfare last friday before the planes were grounded but after some 787s began having issues such as fuel leaks and battery fires. passengers at the time did not seem worried. any concerns about that plane? >> no. i'm fine. i'm fine with it. ana is pretty good. >> in an ideal world you don't want your clients thinking about the aircraft. >> reporter: this public relations specialist said it's not the story line the airlines and the airport would have wanted but as long as safety is mainta
with was the occasional fire drill. now san francisco's schools are adding another, active shooter drills. the san francisco police department is also gearing up for the possibility of a school gunman by getting digital maps of all campus buildings. the police say the floor plans will help them in the chaotic early moments of a school shooting. >> make it available online on a secure website to law enforcement personnel responding in the event of an emergency so that, you know, we can get there -- once we get there, we will know immediately, you know, what the floor plans look like, contact numbers, who the people in charge are, who we can call immediately. >> deputy chief says the first digital floor plans available to police will be in the city's richmond district with the highest concentration of schools. >>> people have called and said that that's really gracious, noble thing to do. that's not why i did it. >> a bay area fire chief is turning down a raise. the motivation behind his unprecedented move. >> superfood for the heart. the two ingredients to add
be sunny in the bay area, but there was a gusher in san francisco. this is from a fire hydrant that got knocked over at fulsom and embarcadero. witnesses tell cbs 5 a truck was trying to park when it accidentally knocked over the hydrant. water was shooting as high as the fourth floor of the gap building. the area was crowded with people and they stopped to take pictures. no one was hurt. >>> checking other bay area headlines, university of california president mark udoff has announced his retirement. yudof says he will leave in august for what he says are health issues. yudof has been at the helm of the university system for five years. his time has been marked by protests over tuition hikes and administrative pay raises, as well as violent police confrontations. >>> and today's the last day on the job san jose police chief chris moore. he leaves after 27 years with the department, two years as chief. his tenure was marked by budget cuts and pension reform that led many officers to look for work in other bay area cities. the deputy chief will take
. the popular program that's being expanded in san francisco. >>> a beautiful sunset from our oakland airport cam. take a peek out. some of you in the 60s. we'll talk about the harsh reality of winter. >>> is there a check in your future? we'll tell you who's eligible coming up on consumer watch. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] date for oral arguments on elementary school returned from winter break today, the doors locked tightly behin >>> when students at one bay area elementary school return from break, the door locks tightly behind him. we have the new security rule and what parents think about it. >> it's a beginning. we'll see where we get from here. >> winter break is over. kids have returned to school in the marine county area. with the sandy hook massacre in mind, the security has new practi
areas does encompass temperatures that will dip to freezing. 41 degrees in san francisco when we should be around mid- 50s. coldest locations will be around santa rosa. penngrove and cotati, as well. otherwise, freezing in napa, sonoma and glen ellen. take a look at the trivalley. you're not under an advisory, but nevertheless you will feel the chill in the air in the upper 20s. oh, look at that. that's sunset as we take a look out towards sutro tower in oakland. mostly clear tonight and currently, we have temperatures already dropping into the low 50s. we'll talk about the alert you need to know about for tomorrow coming up later on in this broadcast. >>> fireworks launched in broad daylight. why a new year's eve tragedy pushed the pyrotechnics into the sunshine. >>> not too much people say they get to deliver their grandkids. >> a pair of midnight baby deliveries, both planning to be the bay area's first of 2013 for one grandmother, the birth was a real hands on experience. as we'll see next. thousands crowded along the embarcadero >>> isn't that gorgeous? no fog to spoil the firework
and there and currently in san jose 50 degrees. it's in the upper 40s in livermore and in san francisco. currently 48 degrees in santa rosa but as joe was saying, the winds have been increasing out of the northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. tonight nearly freezing in santa rosa. so penngrove about 32 degrees. 38 san jose. 33 throughout the tri-valley. we have a frost advisory for most of the bay area on thursday overnight to friday morning. otherwise, a freeze warning in the north and east bays. we'll talk about that in the seven-day forecast coming up. >>> one bay area city will gladly take cold weather over wet weather. east palo alto is scrambling to shore up the levee over the san francisquito creek after severe flooding in december. workers placed thousands of sandbags to raise that levee wall. >> this is a temporary solution to kind of get us through the with the season and have a permanent solution in the dry months. >> the san francisquito creek has been the source of several significant floods over the years. a project to widen the creekbed is set for sum
. sports apparel shops all over san francisco are selling everything from party supplies to jerseys, at a price, of course. there is even a trailer on market street. ken is live with mobile five at allied ink in vallejo. it's where a niners fan is making his love for the team permanent. hey, ken. >> reporter: that's right, elizabeth. there's 49er garb that's permanent. take it off, throw it in the washing machine and the other kind that stays on forever. we're at allied ink, one of the hottest tattoo shops in the bay area. we got a guy who is getting a 49er tattoo. we will show you this live. this is james pateroon. james, you came in today to get a tattoo on your leg. we'll see it in a second here. why did you do this? >> 49ers are the best team in the world, and we're about to win a super bowl. and i want to commemorate it. >> i see you got the logo going in on your leg here. ann is the artist doing the work, and ann, did this start with -- what a stencil it looks like? >> yes. a stencil. >> so now what are you doing? what part is
in livermore, san francisco 50. 47 degrees in santa rosa. 50 in redwood city. tonight, overnight, the coldest locations east of the bay and well inland talking livermore, san ramon, dublin and pleasanton. 20s in concord and walnut creek. delta in the 20s. this is why we have that freeze warning and frost advisory in effect. we'll talk more about this later in our broadcast. >>> you can get the latest on any stormy weather headed our way by checking our live high- def doppler radar on our website, >>> classmates of a teenager accused of opening fire inside a central california high school say that there were signs of trouble as early as last year. the attack left one student wounded. but it could have been much worse. cbs reporter randy paige says a teacher somehow managed to talk the suspect down. >>> reporter: >> i think he walked -- after he walked in, he pumped the gun, it's a pump action rifle. he pumped it and lifted it right away and shot. >> reporter: 16-year-old morgan aldridge describes what she saw in her first pe
, dublin, livermore, beautiful day in san francisco. 59 san rafael 60 and berkeley 62 degrees. 59 san francisco. extended forecast sunshine through the super bowl mid-60s thursday through sunday. cloudier next week, looks wetter. we have a lot of sunshine between now and then. >> thank you. >>> well, super bowl sunday is the second biggest food day of the year. second only to thanksgiving. >> you don't have to wake up the next day fumbling for your big jeans. dr. kim mulvihill has our game day strategy. >>> reporter: on super bowl sunday there are favorite teams. >> of course the 49ers, i have my money on it. >> reporter: and favorite foods. >> fried chicken. >> wings, chips. >> lots of liquor. >> reporter: it's no wonder game day calories often match those of an offensive alone man. >> -- offensive lineman. >> we can consume 4,000 calories during the game. >> reporter: the registered dietician says you need a good defense to keep you from throwing in the towel. >> baby chips, snap pea, bell pepper strips. people are anxious. they want a crunc
. >> we have so many different tiny climates around here just within the city of san francisco, let alone the entire bay area. we call those microclimates. so we have dozens of those but we don't have dozens of weather reporting stations. so why not create a vehicle the cbs 5 mobile weather lab, that can go to wherever the worst of the weather is or whatever weather we want to go describe we can because we have the data collection system right on the vehicle itself. let me take you inside. a lot of buttons and flashing things and knobs and stuff going on. i'll call that the brain of the vehicle. that's because this is a fully functioning satellite truck which can go anywhere and beam back a signal and give you a report of what's going on. if that's the brains, that's the heart of the vehicle. it wouldn't be a weather lab without weather data collection and that's top-notch right there the best stuff. we can record just about everything weather-wise and we'll over the next days, weeks, months and years. this vehicle is going to be deployed anytime
is talking about staying tight within the spending, he wants that railway from san francisco to los angeles. >> you know, his dad was the master of the big project. pat brown. what would pat brown think about his approach today? >> reporter: he might say be even more bold. his father was the one that gave us uc, the highway system. he gave us what people call modern california. unfortunately for his son, he is left stuck trying to pay for it. >> thinking of the california water project. >> reporter: that will be on the agenda, as well. >> thank you. >>> checking bay area headlines, tense moments in a san jose neighborhood this morning while police search for suspects in an attempted home burglary. police asked willow glen residents and an elementary school to shelter in place. officers searched the area around huston avenue and marshall way for an hour. no suspects were arrested. >>> also in san jose some neighbors now say they recognize the suspect in an attempted kidnapping from a police sketch. it happened on 33rd and saint james street la
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